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Interfaith Peacebuilding

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Building Social Cohesion, Toward a Global Ethic


As divisions between nations, religions, and political affiliations have increasingly polarized the human family, there is urgent need for leadership with moral authority to bridge divides and build solidarity that can foster peace and prosperity for all humanity. Toward that end, leaders of the world’s faith and wisdom traditions have a shared responsibility to transcend religious divides and work collaboratively to build ethical, just and cohesive societies. As Dr. Hans Kung, co-author of Towards a Declaration of a Global Ethic, noted, “There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions.” Cohesion in diverse and pluralistic societies is possible based on shared values. Though the world’s religious traditions may differ greatly in doctrines and modes of worship, they share broad agreement on the essentials of how people should treat each other. Global Peace Convention interfaith peacebuilding sessions will examine both the implications and practical applications of universal principles in addressing human rights concerns, countering violent extremism, and advancing a “global ethic” to build social cohesion.

Community and national level peace-building models that apply shared values to solve real problems in diverse contexts can provide insights and evidence of the efficacy of the global ethic, taking action on the adage to “think globally and act locally.” Much of the distrust and hatred of the “other” can be mitigated through direct and sustained contact, most especially in neutral settings that promote interaction and understanding based on the shared identity as members of one human family.