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Korean Unification

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Since the division of Korea following the Korean War of 1950-53, tension, distrust and conflict have destabilized the region, impeded development, and undermined global security. Early in 2016, North Korea (DPRK) con- ducted a fourth nuclear bomb test, followed by a long- range ballistic missile test. Further ground and submarine missile launches have again heightened tensions in the region and raised the threat of war. 

The peaceful reunification of Korea will provide a fundamental solution to North Korea’s nuclear threats and further enhance world peace and prosperity. To fulfill this vision Action for Korea United (AKU), a coalition of 1,200 civil society organizations, is now advancing the “One Korea Global Campaign” to expand international consensus and support for Korean reunification.

In 2015, AKU’s “A New Era Unification Song Campaign” spread a yearning for Korean reunification and strong de- sire for “One Korea.” The theme song, “One Dream  One Korea,” was warmly received by worldwide fans of Hallyu (Korean pop culture), gaining millions of views on the Internet across more than 220 countries. Now AKU aims to further expand this message by embarking on a global-scale campaign with another song like the landmark recording “We are the World,” the 1985 recording by leading USA artists. The song of hope for Korean reunification and world peace will reverberate in every corner of the world.

The Declaration and vision of a unified Korea is grounded in the ideal of Hongik Ingan, an ancient ethic to “live for the benefit of humanity” that forms the ethos of the Korean people. Korea experts will explore this principle and ideal and discuss its practical application as a preamble of an eventual new Constitution for One Korea and a model of governance elsewhere in the world in the twenty-first century.

Korean Unification Session Summary:

February 28 Session 1 - Round Table discussion on Declaration for One Korea

The Declaration for One Korea and its guiding principle of Hongik Ingan, or “living for the benefit of humanity,” will be explored for possible adoption in the new Constitution of One Korea. Hongik Ingan will be examined as a precious and defining heritage of Korean people, but at the same time as a governance principle applicable to all civilized societies.

March 1 Session 2 - Asia-Pacific perspectives on One Korea: A New Model for Peace and Development in East Asia

This session will evaluate prospects for peace, stability, development, and prosperity in East Asia. Expert panelists will present the most current views on countering the nuclear threat and improving human rights conditions in the North. Further, a vision of One Korea will be presented as the model of conflict resolution and twenty-first century development for East Asia and the world. 

March 1 Session 3: Building Global Consensus for One Korea: A Practical Approach

Opinion leaders in areas of Korean history and tradition, human rights, civil society participation, and information technology will discuss tactical means of advancing Korean unification. The session will highlight diverse recent initiatives to raise awareness and public support for  unification.



March 2: 2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena

The 2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila will showcase popular K-Pop artists and renoen producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in a display of global commitment to the peaceful reunification of the Korean people and global peace.