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Transforming Education

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Schools are called upon to provide with a relevant education needed to ensure that graduates are ready to succeed and prosper in the workplace, build healthy and resilient families, and contribute to economic development and social stability.

Global competencies such as character, critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and problem solving must be prioritized in education to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive and interdependent global society.

Experts estimate that intangibles such as integrity, respect, resilience, conscientiousness, creativity, and in- novation account for some 80 percent how successful a young person will be in life and work.

Innovative education approaches are an investment in a peaceful world for future generations. By placing priori- ty on “life success” instead of “test success,” a reformed education policy can enable youth to graduate as productive, engaged citizens with a stake in society, motivated to fulfill his or her potential in the home, workplace, com- munity and global society.