Transform Education

so that it is relevant in today’s world.

We work with educators and changemakers around the world, at the grassroots, national, and global levels, to ensure that students graduate ready to succeed in all aspects of life and in the 21st century.
By making education more relevant, graduates are better prepared to contribute to:

Employment & Economic Development
Societal & Political Stability
Ethical Societies Free From Corruption

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The Character & Creativity Initiative (CCI) seeks to make education more relevant in the 21st century by transforming school culture to foster the whole person.
Leap Hubs provides the guidance and space in secondary schools for highly motivated students to explore their ideas and learn what it takes to be a social entrepreneur.

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Puan Siti Sarimah sharing the experiences and outcomes her school has seen through the implementation of CCI.
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A mixed group of students from Moi Forces Academy and Kariobangi North Girls during business group discussions.
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