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  1. Blog: Education-based Projects for Peace Uplifts Children in Cambodia

    By Emiko Perea From July to September, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Cambodia held various programs to create peaceful communities by...

    Posted on Diciembre 26, 2019

  2. Blog: One Dream for One Korea: Yonhap News Interviews GPF Chairman

    Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, gave an exclusive interview on Yonhap Special in late August. The...

    Posted on Diciembre 23, 2019

  3. Blog: Korean-led Unification: GPF Chairman Interviewed by Pub Chosun

    Chairman of Global Peace Foundation Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon described the powerful impact civic society can have in reunification efforts on...

    Posted on Diciembre 16, 2019

  4. Blog: Life after North Korea: Helping Defectors Find Hope

    By Hyangsook Kwak The Korean peninsula has been divided between North and South Korea since 1953. In North Korea, about 18 million people...

    Posted on Diciembre 13, 2019

  5. Blog: Empowering Young Mothers in Uruguay

    By Naomi Yakawich The dream of becoming a teacher, a chef, an office administrator, or to hold a job at all is a lofty aspiration for many...

    Posted on Diciembre 3, 2019

  6. Blog: (Series: Leaders of One Dream One Korea #3) Ban Jae-chul

    By Jinhoon Lee Searching for the Spirit of the March 1st Movement Welcome to the blog series, “ Leaders of One Dream One Korea,” where...

    Posted on Noviembre 27, 2019

  7. Blog: Digital Training for Teachers in Kenya Advances a New Education Model

    By Emiko Perea August 2019, LUKENYA—Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya in partnership with Oracle Academy, Airtel Kenya, and IBM East...

    Posted on Noviembre 20, 2019

  8. Blog: Advancing One Korea and My Piece in the Greater Peace

    Koreans at home and abroad as well as members of the international community are sharing in the dream for a free, independent and united...

    Posted on Noviembre 15, 2019

  9. Blog: Uganda Connects Students and Teachers in Talk to Me Initiative

    By Emiko Perea The mom asked her son, “How’s school?” “Okay,” the son mumbled back, soon after retreating to his room and...

    Posted on Noviembre 13, 2019

  10. Blog: Innovative Practices Uplift Farming Communities in the Philippines

    By Emiko Perea In the Philippines, you’ll see hills of rice fields and other farmland with dedicated farmers working on them, providing...

    Posted on Noviembre 6, 2019