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  1. Discurso: China’s Perspectives on North Korea and Korean Reunification

    Dr. Chu Shulong is Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the School of Public Policy and Management and the...

    Posted on Febrero 26, 2017

  2. Speech: Russia’s Efforts for Peace and Reconciliation in Korea

    Global Peace Convention 2017 Dr. Alexander Zhebin Dr. Alexander Zhebin, is a well-known Russian expert on Korea. He worked for 12 years in...

    Posted on Febrero 26, 2017

  3. Discurso: Japan's Northeast Asia Strategy and Reunification of Korean Peninsula

    Mr. Chanwoo Lee is a Fellow at the Japan Center for Economic Research in Tokyo. Before coming to Japan, he was a member of the Central...

    Posted on Febrero 26, 2017