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Women: Noticias

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Publicado en 03/07/2017
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Publicado en 16/05/2017
Publicado en 05/05/2017
To date, Global Peace Women (GPW) Nepal has engaged over 1,900 participants in the Forum Theaters. The Forum Theater was established by GPW Nepal as an awareness program to uplift the value of women within the family, promoting peace among extended family members and the greater society.
Publicado en 25/04/2017
Published on Mar 23, 2017 Global Peace Convention 2017, Manila, PhilippinesMoral and Innovative Leadership: New Models of Peace and Development 
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Publicado en 04/04/2017
Published on Mar 23, 2017 o Dr. Nona Ricafort, President, All Nation Women’s Group, Former Deputy Minster of Philippine Higher Education
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Publicado en 04/04/2017