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Korea Reunification Forum

October 08, 2015: Seoul, South Korea

"Examining the Role of Civil Society and Global Cooperation in Furthering a Reunified Korea"

Top Korean scholars and distinguished scholars from China, Mongolia and numerous other countries who are playing vital roles in building global consensus particularly in the Korean diaspora community will convene at this special forum on Korean reunification. 

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Event Details

The sessions are part of a series of forums and programs here in Korea this week examining this consequential topic that has great implications for regional peace and prosperity.

The Global Peace Foundation is pleased to convene this forum jointly with the Hansun Foundation and the National Strategy Institute. Special thanks goes out to Hansun Foundation President Jaewan Bahk and its founder and chairman Dr. Park Se-Il who will be present ast the forum, as well as Dr. Jin Shin, representing the National Strategy Institute. 

Forum sponsors also include the Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation represented by its Vice-President Mr. Jongwook Jung, and the Korean Ministry of Unification and the National Unification Advisory Council.

The Korean Reunification Forum examines the topic of the role of civil society within Korea, and global cooperation in advancing the reunification agenda from a scholarly perspective. Given the pace of current global affairs, and growing recognition that a cultural and global consensus on reunification is imperative, today’s deliberations are indeed relevant and timely.

Global Peace Foundation Chairman, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, has long pursued a comprehensive and visionary approach to reunification outlined in his landmark book “The Korean Dream.”   It is based upon the time-honored principles and values of the Korean people, which are truly the values shared broadly within our common human family, with its enduring aspiration for lasting peace.

Featured Individuals

Jaewan Bahk, Korea Unification Forum
Hansun Foundation
Jongwook Jung, Korea Unification Forum
Vice President
Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation
Yongpyo Hong, Minister of Unification, Korea Unification Forum
Minister of Unification