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ONE K Concert

October 09, 2015: Mapo-gu, South Korea

More than thirty K-pop stars are supporting the "One K” Concert on October 9, at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium in Korea. The event will showcase the release of the new Korean Unification song, composed by Kim Hyung-suk. Tickets are hot, so get yours today.

Latest news

A star-studded line-up of Korean artists such as EXO, SISTAR and Insooni performed at the "One K Concert" held over the weekend...
Posted on October 14, 2015
If one person has a dream, it is just a dreamBut if all people share that dream it becomes a realityOne Dream One KoreaLYRICSWe...
Posted on October 5, 2015
The music video for “One Dream One Korea,” a new unification song composed by Kim Hyung-suk with lyrics by Kim Eana, was released...
Posted on September 28, 2015

Event Details

More than 30 K-pop stars have joined together to produce a new Unification Song. Renown composer, Kim Hyung-suk led a team of producers to create the song as an anthem for the dream of Korean reunification, much like the American hit song, “We are the World". This Unification Song is meant to engage the minds and hearts of young people.

The song is the anchor of “One K” the concert on October 9th at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium in Korea. The “One K” concert is a highlight of the efforts of the New Era Unification Song Campaign that has raised awareness around the world.

The more than 33 Korean K-pop artists represent the 33 activists who comprised the core of the original March 1 (Independence) movement in 1919.

For ticket information visit (the site is in Korean).


Featured Individuals

Kim Hyung suk, South Korean composer
K-Pop Composer
YangPa, KPOP Artist
KPOP Singer
Na, YoonKwon, Kpop singer
KPOP Singer