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Paraguay: News

Plenary II: Universal Principles and Shared Values As the Basis for Unity in DiversityHon. Senator Lilian Samaniego is a Senator in the Chamber of Senators in the Republic of Paraguay.
Published on 29/01/2014
Ms. Julia Maciel is a diplomat in the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the United Nations.This session will present summations of key working groups and outline strategies for an effective and sustained action agenda for regional and global peace and development.
Published on 19/01/2014
Ms. Julia MacielDiplomat, Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the United NationsRepublic on ParaguayDate: Dec. 6th 2013Topic: Women In LeadershipSession: Toward an Ethic of Compassion and Cooperation
Published on 19/01/2014
Paraguay won the bid to host the Global Peace Foundation’s annual Global Peace C
Published on 07/01/2014