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Billings Gazette Covers Second Annual Forum in Montana
Published on 08/10/2016
Second Annual Global Peace Foundation Forum Calls for Cross-Community Engagementby Mike Yakawich
Published on 08/10/2016
Planting American flags in Jersey City's historic Harismus Cemetery
“We owe more than division and discord to those who perished from the attacks and those who served in its aftermath. The anniversary of 9/11 should be a reminder to us all about our common humanity and the opportunity we have to help people and communities in need." -Jay Winuk
Published on 29/09/2016
Published on 29/09/2016
September2016 Featured Leader Jose Duton
"In the process of becoming a leader do not look for shortcuts because there are none." -José Dután Jr.
Published on 23/09/2016
On September 17th , during the Global Peace Leadership Conference 2016 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for World Peace signed a memorandum of understanding wi
Published on 17/09/2016
Representatives from 120 Nations Commit to Advance UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
Published on 26/08/2016
Kensu Bates trains team leaders for Earth Day project
"Being a moral and innovative role model is more than being a leader. It is a lifestyle of seeing how you can live for the greater good and how in each day of your life you can make a small contribution in making a better world." -Kensu Bates
Published on 25/08/2016
2016 International Young Leaders Assembly Hosts Forums on Leadership, Service, and Entrepreneurship to Advance UN 2030 Agenda
Published on 19/08/2016
The full International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) at the United Nations on the theme “Moral and Innovative Leadership for Sustainable Development: Vision, Service, Entrepreneurship” (co-organized by the Permanent Mission of Paraguay and the Global Young Leaders Academy (GYLA) and the Global Peace
Published on 16/08/2016