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Alliance High School is among the schools that benefited from an ICT and Entrepreneurship project by Samsung C&T (Construction and Trade) in collaboration with UN-HABITAT, Global Peace Foundation and the Community Chest of Korea.
Published on 24/04/2015
In a world that is rapidly technologically and socially changing, students must learn to adapt and be ready to face challenges that lie ahead. Educators are reaching for innovative approaches to meet rising expectations and equip their students to live fulfilling lives after graduations.
Published on 18/02/2015
Global Peace Foundation Executive Director Daniel Omondi said that Kenya should employ soft power rather than brute force to contain radical ideologies that fuel terrorism. "We require a paradigm shift in order to win the war against terrorism that has engulfed this region.
Published on 11/02/2015
With partners around the world, the Global Peace Foundation accomplished a great deal in 2014.
Published on 21/01/2015
"'Character and creativity defined how I handled the schools I headed long before the initiative was anchored by the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) alongside Leap Hubs that exposes students to entrepreneurship and leadership as they pursue their academic studies.
Published on 01/01/2015
The annual Global Peace Convention 2014 will take place in Greater Asuncion, Paraguay, the happiest place on earth according to a recent Gallup Poll.
Published on 13/10/2014
“How would you Transform Education in Africa?” This was the challenge posed to students who participated in the first Leap Hubs Hackathon on October 4, 2014 organized by the Global Peace Foundation Kenya, Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology in East Africa (CEMASTEA) and Airtel Kenya.
Published on 05/10/2014
This year the International Day of Peace, celebrated around the world on September 21, recalls the Declaration of the Right of Peoples to Peace issued by the United Nations General Assembly in 1984 affirming “the peoples of our planet have a sacred right to peace” and securing fundamental human r
Published on 02/10/2014
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“Serving together in common cause breaks down barriers that exist between peoples in conflict, and can be a powerful instrument for cultural exchange, understanding, personal transformation and ultimately peace.” 
Published on 21/08/2014