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Regional Peacebuilding: News

Global Peace Foundation Chairman, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon urges young people to take lead in reunification movementBy Kim Hyo-jin 
Published on 12/10/2015
A star-studded line-up of Korean artists such as EXO, SISTAR and Insooni performed at the "One K Concert" held over the weekend at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. 
Published on 14/10/2015
Prime Minister Odinga preview image
Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance Convening Highlights Service, Volunteerism, Youth Engagement
Published on 16/10/2015
About 40 South Korean college students and North Korean defectors took part in joint farming activities in ChoongCheongNam-Doh, HongSongGun, to gain understanding and compassion towards reunification.
Published on 23/10/2015
Roundtable Discussion Preview
Leaders gather in Delhi, India for roundtable discussions
Published on 07/03/2016
Five former Latin American presidents gathered at the Organization of American States in Washington, DC to discuss the growing economic inequality and extreme violence destabilizing the Central American region. 
Published on 16/03/2016
For the 30th anniversary of the Esquipulas Accords, several members of the Latin American Presidential Mission gathered together in Washington this week.
Published on 18/03/2016