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Interfaith Peacebuilding: News

Published on Mar 27, 2017 Global Peace Convention 2017, Manila, PhilippinesMoral and Innovative Leadership: New Models of Peace and Development, March 1
Published on 04/04/2017
We took a quick capture of some of the insights that arose in the conversations and presentations during the plenaries, workshops and sessions of the Interfaith Track. 
Published on 08/03/2017
The Global Peace Foundation conferred awards to leaders in wide-ranging areas of impact who have significantly promoted peace, advanced models good governance, fostered an ethic of public service, and demonstrated a willingness to transcend boundaries of religion, ethnicity, and nationality in ad
Published on 03/03/2017
Every session is full of insight and new ideas. Here are a few we picked up from the last two days. Hope they capture the outcomes of all the session that took place.
Published on 02/03/2017