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"We are all Malaysian, even if we have different religions."—Tan Sri Zaleha
Published on 06/03/2018
As the most fundamental institution in society, the family environment and relationships can act as either a risk factor or a source of strength, support and inspiration for children as future leaders. This is why having a strong and healthy family foundation is so important.
Published on 20/02/2018
“They changed and when you see students like that, you change too.”
Published on 05/02/2018
“Teachers are very important, teachers will shape a child to become a person with [qualities like leadership, integrity, and kindness].
Published on 02/02/2018
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Malaysia and beauty company Laneige have partnered for the
Published on 17/07/2017
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Malaysia and beauty company Laneige announced the launching of the Waterful Sharing fundraising campaign on April 17 following a full
Published on 08/05/2017