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It was special and meaningful. I am a Muslim and have not visited any churches before. Now, I believe that peace and understanding can be achieved regardless of our faith.” - Hanna Andari, AYE 2013 Participant, The Star Online
Published on 17/07/2013
AYE 2013 participant
Published on 18/07/2013
GPF Malaysia’s Midnight Football is building bridges, empowering youth, and giving second chances to teens and their families.
Published on 25/07/2013
“We might be Malays, Indians or Chinese, but we are all Malaysians. We need each other to make Malaysia a better place to stay. Our lives may be different, but our hopes and dreams are the same.
Published on 17/09/2013
These days many of us are all about getting the latest and greatest games, the biggest toys and the newest and coolest designer clothes. However, countering the growing societal trend of consumerism and materialism, there is a growing trend of giving back.
Published on 21/10/2013
If you’re packing your bags to travel to Malaysia for the Global Peace Convention there are a couple things you might want to add to your list of things to do.
Published on 28/11/2013
Since we’ll be here for the next few days – either virtually or in person, we thought we would give you a quick fact sheet about Malaysia
Published on 03/12/2013