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Global Peace Economic Forum Seoul, Korea 2015

October 08, 2015: Seoul, South Korea

"Peaceful Unification and Economic Development"

As part of the commemoration on 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation, the Global Peace Economic Forum gives special consideration to the context of recent events on the Korean peninsula and seeks to examine critical issues in preparation for peaceful reunification.



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“As momentum builds for the creation of a new reunified nation, it is crucial that the South prepares itself to lead the greatest...
Posted on October 13, 2015
Posted on October 9, 2015
Kartikeya Sharma Chairman and MD, ITV Network, Global Peace Economic Forum, Seoul 2015
It is an honour to be a part of this great occasion. The Korean people have a recorded and unbroken history of five thousand...
Posted on October 8, 2015

Event Details

The key to the future of the Korean people is a shared vision for a reunified nation, founded upon universal principles and values that are embedded at the heart of Korea’s culture and history. Economic development and the investment to support it will be critical in achieving this vision.


The challenges that reunification will present call for significant innovations in Korea’s economic leadership. These issues need urgent attention, and it is the hope of the organizers of the Global Peace Economic Forum that deliberations will stimulate serious national discussion about the economic policies and financial structures required to realize the promise of Korea’s future.

Featured Individuals

Founder and Chairman
Global Peace Foundation
Na Song-Rin, Korean National Assembly, Global Peace Economic Forum
Korean National Assembly
Hon. Kim Jin Pyo, Frm. Deputy Prime Minister of Finance, Korea, unification, Global Peace Economic Forum
Former Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Strategy and Finance