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Global Peace Volunteers: News

GPV Malaysia "Path to Purpose" Discussion
Similar to driving down an unfamiliar path without a map, entering today’s ever-changing job landscape proves difficult for university students. Because of this we are witnessing a shift in students choosing careers that are high in demand rather than those they may have more passion for.
Published on 07/07/2015
Group photo of Global Peace Volunteers Summer Camp 2015 in Philippines
The Global Peace Foundation Philippines hosted a Global Peace Volunteers Summer Camp on May 13-15, 2015, bringing together aspiring young leaders from Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines to experience cultural exchange, volunteerism and character development.
Published on 10/06/2015
Dr. Teh Su Thye with GPV Malaysia workshop participants
As a child, I was always taught about the importance of living for the sake of others through service and compassion.  The idea that we are all created for a purpose greater than ourselves was instilled in me time and time again.
Published on 22/05/2015
The Global Peace Foundation with the support of the Cambodian Primary Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has launched a one-year “Basic English” language instruction program for primary school students.
Published on 30/01/2015
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) office issued the following press report for the significant forum on youth volunteerism held on October 28 in Bangkok, Thailand at the UN Conference Center.
Published on 30/10/2014
Every year, in the streets and marketplaces in Northern India and Nepal fill with women dressed in their finest singing, dancing and feasting together on the eve of Teej, an annual Hindu holiday that celebrates women as
Published on 10/09/2014
 “Service – whether elected, military, faith-based, or in the non-profit sector – brings people from across the country and across the aisle together to see eye to eye and learn from each other as they work for a shared purpose.” - Fortune Magazine
Published on 10/07/2014