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International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA): News

The International Young Leaders Assembly will hold its graduation ceremony at the Organization of American States (OAS) on August 28, 2013.
Published on 29/08/2013
On August 26, a Global Forum on International Service was hosted at the World Bank. Sarah Morgenthau, Director of the Peace Corps Response told the audience, “You no longer have the luxury of being a local leader in this connected world. You need to take charge.”
Published on 28/08/2013
For nine days the International Young Leaders Assembly has been traveling to central institutions of peace building and development, considering what is necessary as young leaders to tackle the challenges of their world.
Published on 27/08/2013
"Lincoln paid the ultimate price for what he knew to be good and just." wrote Naomi Yakawich on her log of the International Youth Leaders Assembly that is traveling from New York to Philadelphia to Washington D.C.
Published on 27/08/2013
On August 25th, the International Young Leaders Assembly arrived in Washington, D.C. They visited the memorials of the U.S. Capitol, from the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, to the Washington Memorial.
Published on 26/08/2013
International Young Leaders AssemblyAugust 22-29, 2013New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., United StatesTheme: "Moral and Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service, and Entrepreneurship"  
Published on 26/08/2013
At the International Young Leaders Assembly at the United Nations hosted by the Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the UN, South Korean, high school IYLA participant, SuhJung Lee, firmly asserted that the recent development of East Asia was not a miracle, it was a feat of “intangible values”. 
Published on 26/08/2013