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Northeast Asia Peace and Security

One K Global Peace Concert
Global Peace Convention 2017 Korean Unification Track
Global Peace Leadership Conference Seoul 2016

The division of Korea has wide-reaching impact on Northeast Asian Regional peace as well as global security. However, traditional approaches to diplomacy through high-level deliberation and economic incentives have not yet resolved the 70 year stalemate on the peninsula.

Since its founding, the Global Peace Foundation has promoted an approach to unification that begins first with envisioning a dream for a unified Korea. Together with partners GPF has hosted international conferences and academic forums as well as supported diverse public education and humanitarian campaigns and civil society partnerships to bridge divisions and raise awareness of approaches and implications of a unified Korea.

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There was so much that was inspiring and hopeful that came out of the Korean Unification Track. We captured a few of the insights from the track that we hope inspire you, too.
Published on 08/03/2017
Hello K-pop lists out 10 Reasons why the concert was one to remember for the ages.  Of course every star got their mention.  We like reason #10 best of all. 
Published on 07/03/2017