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Global Peace Family: Stories of the Best in Us

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Mr. James P. Flynn, International President of Global Peace Foundation.
Dear Partners in Peacebuilding, As we all know, we are now experiencing an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty as COVID-19 is rapidly spreading.
Published on 23/03/2020
Watch the speech here.Below is the message given by the UN Secretary-General. 
Published on 25/03/2020

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We are living in uncertain and challenging times. However, although times of crisis can seriously threaten our well-being and disrupt our everyday lives, it also calls forth the innate qualities of character and creativity within our human family. 
At Global Peace Foundation, we understand “peacebuilding” in a very broad way. It includes all efforts to reduce conflict and its causes, and to strengthen social cohesion. All of us can be “peacebuilders” every day—reducing stress, solving problems, building trust, and serving others in our communities, neighborhoods and households. 
These are your stories, our stories—the stories of our humanity—to support and inspire each other and to remind us that we are never alone. Together, we can forge innovative solutions through the power of the human spirit, wherever we are around the world.