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Action for Korea United

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A Global Peace Foundation project in:

Project Details

Mission: Action for Korea United is driven by the "Korean Dream,” a vision for a united Korea based on the ancient Korean philosophy of hongik ingan.

Activities: The coalition has initiated the Everyday Unification Movement, a fresh grassroots approach to building awareness of the importance of unification, particularly among the youth. Its innovative programs aim to cultivate a connection between North and South that taps into the shared heritage of the Korean people, transcending political and military divisions.

Flagship programs include:

  •  The Unification Pledge Campaign asks the public to commit to action for unification
  •  The Miracle of 1,000 Won donation drive supports bread factories in North Korea
  •  The U Dream Competition involves students from universities to middle school to generate ideas that promote unification.

Action for Korea United also reaches out to regional stakeholders through high-level conferences that address Northeast Asian Peace. 

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Latest News

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Published on 08/01/2019
Filipino artists are joining an international ensemble to participate in the campaign for Korean reunification through music.
Published on 28/08/2017
Forty international students participated in a three-day One Korea camp to learn about the urgent need for Korean reunification and creative ways to bring awareness to the cause through popular media culture like the mannequin challenge at Kyungbok Palace featured here. Pa
Published on 03/07/2017