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Action for Korea United

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A Global Peace Foundation project in:

Project Details

Mission: Action for Korea United is driven by the "Korean Dream,” a vision for a united Korea based on the ancient Korean philosophy of hongik ingan.

Activities: The coalition has initiated the Everyday Unification Movement, a fresh grassroots approach to building awareness of the importance of unification, particularly among the youth. Its innovative programs aim to cultivate a connection between North and South that taps into the shared heritage of the Korean people, transcending political and military divisions.

Flagship programs include:

  •  The Unification Pledge Campaign asks the public to commit to action for unification
  •  The Miracle of 1,000 Won donation drive supports bread factories in North Korea
  •  The U Dream Competition involves students from universities to middle school to generate ideas that promote unification.

Action for Korea United also reaches out to regional stakeholders through high-level conferences that address Northeast Asian Peace. 

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