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Activity Report 2020-2021

This 2020-2021 Special Edition Activity Report summarizes the programs and initiatives of the Global Peace Foundation in the past two years, during which the world faced an unprecedented time of uncertainty as the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted everyday lives and the well-being of communities everywhere.

By early 2020, all of the Global Peace Foundation’s activities moved online and efforts globally were focused on providing support and aid during the pandemic. In 2021, most activities continued virtually while some transitioned back to in-person gatherings or hybrid events.

During this same period, we saw people join together in common cause, to figure out how to adjust to challenging circumstances - with social distancing, zoom school, tele-work, and home quarantines. We also witnessed remarkable human creativity to innovate new and unique ways to use various telecommunication platforms to continue reaching out, communicating, collaborating, and connecting.

As our highly interconnected world was impacted as never before, it challenged all of us to work together to forge innovative solutions beyond borders and our many differences. Throughout this time, we witnessed across the world ordinary people making heroic efforts with extraordinary compassion to help those in need. Indeed, we saw the collective power of the human spirit at work.

On behalf of our Global Peace Foundation team, we extend our best wishes for health, safety and well-being to everyone in our global community.

Download Global Peace Foundation's 2020-2021 Activities Report