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GPF Kenya Peace Ambassador Spreads Hope through Mentorship Training

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Global Peace ‘County Ambassadors’ are lighting our counties in Kenya through various projects that touch the hearts of many people in the society and impact lives to make a more hopeful and properous future.

Nandi County Peace Ambassador Maureen Maritim is passionate about empowerment in the society, especially fields related to education.

Nandi County Peace Ambassador Maureen Maritim

In her quest to give back to society, she organized a Career Path Mentorship Talk, focusing on career choices, skills acquisition, situational advice topics and job market dynamics.

This powerful forum was supported by Koitaleel Samoei University College, GPF  Kenya, Asis School, Villa Valentino, Kecher and Landson Foundation.
Ambassador Maureen impacts lives through her organization Arise Nandi Empowerment Initiative and is at the core of representing  GPF Kenya in her county.
Congratulations. The future remains bright.

Source: Global Peace Foundation Kenya - Posts | Facebook