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GPF Philippines: Continuing Progress through All-Lights Village Project and GlobALS

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By Emiko Perea 


In December of 2020, volunteers from Global Peace Foundation Philippines (GPFP) engaged in two ongoing initiatives, the All-Lights Village program and the Alternative Learning System (GlobALS). The Korea Export and Import Bank (Bank EXIM) partnered with GPF Korea and GPF Philippines to hand out face masks and face shields in ten cities in the Nueva Ecija province as part of the All-lights program. 


The All-Lights Village initiative is a community development program that aims to uplift the quality of life in communities through providing education, technology, and clean energy solutions to families. Each family received a box of 50 face masks and a face shield for the household member that went out the most in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in their community. The local government and the families in the area expressed their gratitude for the resources GPF volunteers handed out to keep their communities healthy and safe.


GPF Philippines also provided education for people enrolled in the GlobALS program in Carmen, Davao Del Norte. As of December, there were 22 learners enrolled at the La Paz Learning Center, with a total of 31 enrolled at the Guadalupe Learning Center. This program made education more accessible for students in ways that would enhance their economic opportunities. 


GPF continues to work with local leaders, civil society partners, and governments to enhance learning and create economic opportunities for growth and development through continuous, local-level programming.


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