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In-the-Media: Volunteers Create 3D Masks for Frontline Workers in Brazil

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By Massimo Trombin

BRAZIL, May 13, 2020—Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil, in collaboration with an international network of NGO’s and volunteers, developed and produced masks to aid frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project began in April when GPF and partners at the Federal University of Goias State IPE Lab utilized more than forty 3D printers from the university and private owners and businesses to create several prototype shield masks under the coordination of professors Dr. Pedro Henrique Gonçalves, Dr. Luizmar Adriano Junior, and Dr. Lauro June Queiroz Maia. Funds were provided by GPF, Rotary Club, and private donors to obtain materials with the supervision of local hospital professionals. The lab is also working towards the production of ventilators.

Hospitals were the first recipients of the donated masks as they are the most at-risk areas for the spread of the virus. The project has already distributed more than 9,000 units to hospitals, firefighters, medical centers, and medical mobile units and plans to reach production for 10,000 masks.

GPF Brazil registered the project on an international crowdfunding platform for 3D masks initiated by the Irish NGO “Makers United Network: Together Against COVID-19,” which was organized to build non-certified PPE such as face shields and N95 filters. With a team of engineers, manufacturers and other professionals from all over the world, including Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Canada, Tanzania and now Brazil, these talented engineers are doing their part to beat the coronavirus.

PDF icon Read the letter from Vice Governor Lincoln Tejota to thank the volunteers for their service.