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Nepal’s COVID 19 relief project spreads positivity and hope for vulnerable families

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By Emiko Perea

Since March 24, Nepal had been under lockdown from COVID-19. What started as a single week of lockdown extended to many weeks of workers stuck in their homes without a source of income. Families of daily workers who can no longer work are in a vulnerable situation where they aren’t able to keep their families fed.

Volunteers wear masks while distributing
essential items to families in Nepal

In April, Global Peace Foundation’s Bambie Panta ran a program to help the families in need and delivered relief packages containing rice, chickpeas, oil, facemasks, soap, and vegetables for families that could keep them feed for another 7-10 days. At least 64 families received the care packages, and three water delivery men were also given rice out of appreciation. To protect essential workers during the lockdown, five policemen and two shopkeepers were given face shields.

The families that received assistance expressed their appreciation, one recipient saying, “Thank you very much for including us in your relief effort during this crisis. We were very much worried about where to get money for food, but when we found about your help, we felt a little bit of relief that at least we will be able to fill our stomachs.”

Families around donated food in Nepal

The project also gave a large relief package for the Surya Children Welfare Service Center and cash assistance for the Children Centre in Sarlahi. Twenty orphans from each orphanage received help from Bambie’s program and many of them wrote thank you notes thanking Global Peace Women, the women’s division of GPF who volunteered to distribute the goods to families in need. One note from the Children Centre in Sarlahi read, “We are very grateful to GPW for your support providing food and stuff during this coronavirus lockdown period. Thank you for kind support in these hard times.”