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We are Here to Serve You: Police Insights in the United States

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By Emiko Perea

The United States is at a critical turning point; the anguish of this moment can be the impetus for enduring positive change. 

We are collecting stories from across the nation to highlight sincere efforts by individuals and communities to come together and heal.

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May "we the people" seize this moment to come together, starting person to person.  Only together can we spark a great awakening that will forge a new tomorrow for America and form "a more perfect union" that can truly benefit the entire human family.

Expressions to right the injustices done to minority groups in the United States has led to turmoil in many communities across the nation who struggle to bring attention to this important issue.

The effort to bridge the nation’s communities and peoples will take a combined effort of leaders and citizens everywhere. Here are some insights into how police officers view this divisive situation.

Portland police officers condemned the recent unjust actions of Minneapolis police officers involved in brutality. The officers held a conference to discuss the recent protests to continue conversations with protest organizers and to ensure the community’s safety.


A Baltimore County Police officer sits in his car. 
(MATT BUTTON / AEGIS STAFF / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

A Baltimore police officer gives insight into his own experiences as a police officer. Despite the negative media that sprung up on stories of unjust actions of police officers, he shares that this doesn’t account for him and many upstanding officers in the difficult career. He writes a heartfelt letter to protestors and his community to encourage building perspective and a forward-looking attitude to heal humanity.