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Business and Economics for Peace and Development

Extreme income disparity and lack of a strong middle class have kept societies unstable throughout the world. Outbreaks of war and civil disorder divert development resources to military and security use, and cripple incentives for investment and long-term development. Other human costs can’t be measured—disease, displacement, poverty and destruction of infrastructure.

Conversely, economic activity thrives in an environment of political and social stability. Peace is a precondition of prosperity, but economic cooperation and openness leads to peace. We in the business community have a vital role to play in promoting peaceful commerce for the welfare of all people.

The Global Peace Foundation has connected with business leaders and organizations, and economic policy experts to advance models of economic development and business that support the goals of peace and prosperity, driven by shared values and universal principles. 

Latest News were multiple connections made to the value-add of buisness to peacebuilding during the Global Peace Business Forums.
Published on 08/03/2017
'WITH the fundamentals for a sustainable growth, the Philippines can become an economic and moral force that can lead an effort to realize the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (Asean) full potential and stabilize the rest of Asia,' reported the Manila Times on the Global Peace Econom
Published on 07/03/2017
The Global Peace Foundation conferred awards to leaders in wide-ranging areas of impact who have significantly promoted peace, advanced models good governance, fostered an ethic of public service, and demonstrated a willingness to transcend boundaries of religion, ethnicity, and nationality in ad
Published on 03/03/2017
By Hanako TauraThere is a story by danish children's story writer Hans Christian Andersen that my son was introduced to this winter, the story of the little match girl.
Published on 03/03/2017
Every session is full of insight and new ideas. Here are a few we picked up from the last two days. Hope they capture the outcomes of all the session that took place.
Published on 02/03/2017