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Transforming Education

Track Details

ADMINISTRATORS, EDUCATORS, INNOVATORS, STUDENTS and other stakeholders gathered in Manila, the Philippines from February 28 to March 2 for a series of sessions during the 2017 Global Peace Convention to examine the role of education in the success of an individual and an entire nation.

The Transforming Education Track sought to ensure that graduates are ready to succeed and prosper in the workplace, build healthy and resilient families, and contribute to economic and technological development and social stability.

Speakers emphasized character formation and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit as essential education outcomes, and the important role of teachers in the character formation of students.

“We dream of Filipinos who compassionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.”

—G.H. Ambat, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Alternative Learning Systems, the Philippines

  • More than 25 presenters in six sessions examined the urgent need to transform education to contribute to economic development and social stability.
  • Over 1010 Filipino principals, teachers, professors, regional directors and officials participated in addition to international delegates.
  • Advanced education outcomes by emphasizing character, creativity and moral and
  • innovative leadership.
  • Supported best practices to create value through entrepreneurship, leadership and digital learning.
  • Developed strategies for scaling innovative models for lasting change in school culture.
  • Developed new approaches for bringing peace building into schools.
  • Promoted workforce development with technology and digital learning.

Track Coverage

By Emiko PereaThe mom asked her son, “How’s school?”“Okay,” the son mumbled back, soon after retreating to his room and spending the rest of the afternoon working on his assignments only to give up about halfway through and forcing himself to ask for help.
Published on 13/11/2019
By Naomi YakawichJuly 23, NEW DELHI—A diverse group of education experts discussed a transformative approach to educational systems at the Forum on Transforming Education hosted at Ahlcon International School over two intensive days. 
Published on 17/09/2019