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Youth Leadership and Service

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Global Forum on Youth Leadership and Service for Peace and Development


More than 500 young leaders from 40 countries, as well as major world development and corporate partners, participated in the Global Forum on Youth Leadership and Service for Peace and Development, which presented innovative new strategies and partnerships to advance a culture of service around the globe. Session participants teamed up to promote youth participation in fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to form international and cross- cultural youth service networks in the region.

The Youth Leadership Track of the 2017 Global Peace Convention inspired, instilled, and uplifted the values and essential leadership qualities required in addressing critical global issues relevant in today’s world.

“It is the openness to dialogue and cooperation that I am happy to see in the work of the Global Peace Foundation.”

— Maria Leonor Gerona-Robredo, Vice President, Republic of the Philippines


  • The Global Service Forum inaugurated the Global Peace and Development Service Alliance, a multi- sector collaboration to advance a culture of service.
  • The 2017 Global Peace Youth Exchange provided opportunities for 40 participants from 15 countries to  participate in environmental service. 
  • The Manila Bay Coastal Clean Up gathered some 5,000 volunteers from 25 area schools.
  • More than 500 young leaders from 40 countries gathered for the Global Forum on Youth Leadership and Service for Peace and Development.
  • Models for peace and development were showcased during the program, and inspired a “call for action” for youth involvement in pressing societal issues.
  • Youth and service programs for 2017 were announced, including: International Youth Leaders Assembly in the United States in August; Global Youth Peace Fest- 2017 in September in India and Pakistan; and Technology Expo in November in South Korea.

Track Coverage

APPDSA forum participants hold SDGs
“Moral and innovative leaders have an impact because they understand who they are and how they succeed through others,” said Leonard Faustino, Director of Youth Development Programs for Global Peace Foundation (GPF) in the Philippines.
Published on 31/05/2018