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Board of Directors and Advisers

Mr. Massimo Trombin is the Chapter CEO of Global Peace Foundation in Brazil. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of hundreds of projects in over 60 countries around the world; including relief effort in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Balkans conflicts, the rehabilitation of rebels in Uganda, youth and service development in the Philippines, and social entrepreneurship programs in Brazil and Paraguay.

Mr. Trombin has also developed numerous presentations and training manuals for schools and community organizations on the value of volunteerism, service work and development.


Mr. Romel Munhoz graduated from the Amazon MA University, is the  President of Global Peace Foundation Brazil. Mr. Munhoz has been involved in coordinating youth projects and capacity buildings programs for youth in Latin America in the last decade. He coordinate several social entrepreneurship project in Brazil and articulate the funds capacity building of the chapter. Romel is the GPF representative with in the National Consul of youth affairs (CONJUVE).



Ms. Erika Trombin is the Vice-president for Global Peace Foundation Brazil and coordinates social media outreach, photography and communication sectors of the chapter. Graduated from the University of Luxembourg, Erika has experience with social projects from Italy, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Israel and Palestine. She also serves as the GPF coordinator for the program One Korea.



Ms. Lucilene Correia De Macedo is the financial officer for the Global Peace Foundation Brazil. She is a Professor at Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás and at College Estacio de Sa, and is also a managing partner of Destak Consulting and Business Advisory Ltd. Ms. De Macedo is a volunteer for various social projects, particularly for combating addiction and promoting a culture of peace.




Edenivan de Deus Santana

Mr. Edenivan de Deus Santana is a music professor of 15 years within the public schools system and co-founder of the GPF project LEAM school of music. As Teacher of Banda Music Bands, he takes interpretations of existing songs into the classroom so that the students can experience the process of individual and group expression, not forgetting to make connections with the locality and the cultural identity of the students, allowing them to improvise, compose, observe and analyze their strategies and their colleagues in the production activities, thus stimulating new talents.


Mr. Madson Rodrigues Ribeiro is the Manager of Institutional Articulation, Secretary of Public Security and Prison Administration of Goias, Goiânia, Brazil. He is the general manager for the program “Goiás for Life” that aims to overcome institutional barriers to reduce crime and increase social stability at the state level. The initiative involves coordination among a variety of state agencies and engaging the Ministry of Education and all the schools of the state.




Mrs. Valéria Morais Da Silva, she is the educational director for the Global Peace Foundation Brazil chapter, Graduate from the Universidade Norte do Paraná Assistant of Christian education, carried out at the Igreja Avivamento Bíblico with youth, adults and children and was a volunteer at the American Park community center.

She is a representative of the Afro-National PMDB for the state of Goiás and works at Child and Adolescent Rights Counselor for the Secretary of Social Assistance. Alternate Tutelary Counselor for Aparecida de Goiânia and member of the Rotary Club Goiânia, Campinas and educational Director for CMEI Rotary Club.


Mr. Brunno Castro Alves is a lawyer, registered in OAB/GO 52.316 and Legal Affairs coordinator for the Global Peace Foundation Brazil. He received his law degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás (PUC-GO). Post-graduate in Labor Law and Labor Procedure from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). Post-graduate degree in Public Law from Legale College/SP. Founding partner of Castro Alves Advogados law firm (OAB/GO 3.884). Deputy Secretary of the Commission on Legal Education of the Brazilian Bar Association - Goiás Section, triennium 2019/2021. Fiscal Counselor of the Goiana Association of Labor Lawyers - AGATRA 2019/2021. Director of Agreements of the Goiana Association of Labor Lawyers - AGATRA 2021/2023.


Dr. Tony Devine, Ed. D. is the international Vice President of the Education Division of Global Peace Foundation. He has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the non-governmental sector. Dr. Devine oversees the development of Character, Creativity and Leadership programs in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Paraguay, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines and USA. In Kenya he pioneered a school-wide Character and Creativity Initiative in high schools that exposes youth to an experiential learning environment that builds twenty-first century competencies through transforming school culture. Dr. Devine is an adjunct professor at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.


Mr. James P. Flynn serves Global Peace Foundation as its International President. As the executive officer of a large, global network of chapters, he provides leadership and management for Global Peace Foundation’s diverse portfolio of peacebuilding and international development work. ​His robust leadership is reflected in the planning and convening of Global Peace Leadership Conferences on four continents and in the preeminent Global Peace Convention, as well as in the organization’s branding, educational content, and operational management. Mr. Flynn has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than thirty years, and served as an educator, international conflict mediator, interfaith facilitator, and grassroots leader of family strengthening and youth violence prevention programs.


Mr. Thomas Field is the regional representative in Latin America for the Global Peace Foundation, and the President of Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento Patria Sonada (IDPPS), Paraguay’s leading research institution. He has lived and worked in Latin America for more than 30 years.








Mr. Vinicius Mendes Lima is the founder of Besouro Institute, Vinicius Mendes Lima is responsible for the creation of more than 4 thousands new business in 900 slums all around Brazil. His work is responsible for the generation of an income of 300,000,000 BRL (sixty million reais) among all the new business per year. Business Administrator and Master's Degree in Strategical Marketing, Vinicius teaches in institutions among Brazil and Argentina. He also wrote 3 reference books about Business Administration: A Riqueza das Favelas, ByNecessity – Plano de Negócios por Necessidade and Canvas das Favelas.



Mrs. Stéphane R. Dias has a Ph.D. in Linguistics, Fulbright alumna and Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology Farroupilha - Uruguaiana /RS - Brazil. Dr. Dias coordinates a course and academic/social projects. She represented Brazil at the International Assembly of Young Leaders (IYLA) at the United Nations, a program that annually attracts more than 1,000 University students, young professionals and globally significant leaders.



Mr. João Antonio Batista is Pastor and President of the Igreja Evangélica (Assembléia de Deus Ebenezer), Founding President of the Ebenezer Vocational and Educational Project – PROPEB, Founder and Coordinator of the Art and Culture Activities of the school of music PROPEB Project, Coordinator of Social Action Mano Amiga in February 2008 with artistic, cultural works, manual workshops open to the community and assistance and Counselor Therapist at Kerigma High School.



Father Rafael Magul is the priest of Igreja Católica Apostólica Ortodoxa Antioquina de Goiânia since 2008. He received his certificate in Theology from Teologia São João Damasceno at Universidade Balamand in Lebanon. He was ordained in Catedral San Jorge in Buenos Aires, Argentina.





Mr. Fabio Pedrosa, Racial Equality Superintendence of the Municipality of Goiânia-SMDHPA. Graduated at the Faculty of Sul-Americana (FASAM). President of PMDB Afro for the state of GOIÁS and Vice-President of national PMDB Afro. Funder of National Congress Afro-Brasileiro, Member of the First National Council for the Promotion of Racial Equality, Member of the National Health Council, Member of the Official Delegation of the Brazilian Government (Third World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance / Durban-South Africa).


Mr. Rodrigo Reis is the Founding Director of the Global Attitude Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a social entrepreneur who has advised on and developed projects to strengthen the participation of youth in international leadership and educational initiatives. Mr. Reis previously worked for the United Nations Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, the European Youth Parliament and the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London, he studied in Beijing and Istanbul under governmental exchange programs.


Mr. Carlos Julio Camacho is a martial arts professional, President of the Pan-American Muay Thai Union, and the National Superintendent of the Brazilian Confederation of Traditional Muay Thai. In 1973, he founded the art of Taekwondo in Mon- tevideo, Uruguay. With a specialization in self-defense as a Master of Shippalkido, while holding a 7th degree black belt, he is the most graduated Brazilian in this form.



Mrs. Nara Rúbia Caetano, school teacher and university student, married and mother of two children’s, coordinating the GPF educational program “Character and Creativity Initiative”.








Mr. Estevão Costa Daltro is a Professor and member of the Brazilian Association of Financial Educators - ABEFIN; Vice-President Goiás - ABEFIN; Financial Educator DSOP; Postgraduate in University Teaching, Speaker, Partner Director of the company Daluz Cultura; a Coach; Interinstitutional Manager of the SAGRES Communication System and the Pro-Learning Network; Director of Radio Spreading of the SAGRES Foundation; Manager of the Ibero American Sustainability Forum - FPC; President of the Deliberative Council of the Soldiers of Peace Institute; Consultant and Instructor accredited by Sebrae Goiás and National


Bishop Manoel Ferreira is a head pastor of the National Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, the highest representative body of evangelical leaders from Latin America, with more than 20,000 affiliated pastors. He previously served as president and chair of numerous Assemblies of God churches and as a lecturer in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States. Bishop Ferreira coordinates dozens of social institutions in Brazil which provide medical, educational, and social support for recovering addicts, the elderly and street children. He served in Brazil’s National Congress from 2006-2012 and is the recipient of numerous awards for his service to his country and people. Bishop Ferreira was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.