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  1. In the Media: Q2 Montana News Covers GPF Peacebuilding Program: Cross Community Reconciliation

    The following article by David Jay for Q2 Montana News covers the Cross Community Reconciliation program initiated in Billings, Montana,...

    Posted on Octubre 24, 2022

  2. In the Media: GPF Nigeria Plans Launch of One-Year Peacebuilding Program in Kagoro Chiefdom

    Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria plans to launch a year-long peacebuilding campaign in Nigeria’s Kagoro Community in Kaduna State...

    Posted on Octubre 17, 2022

  3. In the Media: GPF Malaysia Receives 2022 JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award

    Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Malaysia was one of seventeen organizations that received the 2022 JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development...

    Posted on Octubre 10, 2022

  4. In the Media: GPF Engages in United Nations Transforming Education Summit 2022

    The following is an excerpt from an article by Ashok Pandey for Financial Express covered the United Nations Transforming Education Summit...

    Posted on Octubre 4, 2022

  5. In the Media: Kenyan Youth Urged to Build Peace After Elections at International Day of Peace 2022 Forum

    The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya partnered with Mkenya Daima Initiative, Daystar University, National Cohesion and Integration...

    Posted on Septiembre 27, 2022

  6. In the Media: Youth in Action for Peace Project Encourages Interfaith Dialogue in Tanzania

    The following is an excerpt from an article written by ‘iDover’ Nayasha Freeman for The Network for Religious and Traditional...

    Posted on Septiembre 12, 2022

  7. In the Media: GPF Philippines and SM Cares Host 10th Global Youth Summit

    The 2022 Global Youth Summit was held on August 12, 2022. Sponsored by Global Peace Foundation and SM Cares, the Global Youth Summit is a...

    Posted on Agosto 26, 2022

  8. In the Media: Global Peace Foundation Kenya Director Discusses Results of Presidential Election 2022

    Following a peaceful election season, Kenyans are in the process of welcoming a new President for the country. Global Peace Foundation...

    Posted on Agosto 19, 2022

  9. In the Media: Korea Times Highlights International Forum on One Korea 2022

    The following is an excerpt from an article titled Thinking the Unthinkable on North Korea written by Kang Hyun-kyung for The Korea...

    Posted on Agosto 17, 2022

  10. In the Media: Korean and American News Outlets Cover Recent International Forum on One Korea 2022

    U.S. congressional leaders, ROK National Assembly members, Korea experts, North Korean defectors, and U.S. and ROK military leaders...

    Posted on Mayo 16, 2022