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  1. Video: Global Peace Foundation Kenya and Partners Inspire Positive Change for the Environment

    Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya partnered with Kenyan organizations to launch an ongoing tree planting campaign on World Environment...

    Posted on Septiembre 14, 2022

  2. Video: School Supplies and Solar Lanterns Transform Rural Communities in the Philippines

    In June 2022, volunteers delivered supplies to 146 students at Moraza Elementary School, which is located in the western part of Luzon...

    Posted on Julio 27, 2022

  3. Video: GPF and Fuji Suiso Partner to Transform Education in Indonesia

    On May 19-20, 2022, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia collaborated with Fuji Suiso to distribute donations for elementary school...

    Posted on Junio 9, 2022

  4. Video: Mobile School Transforms Lives in Rural Malaysia

    Six different rural communities have benefited in the last year from Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Malaysia's Mobile School program....

    Posted on Marzo 21, 2022

  5. Video: Japanese Professor Explores Japan-Republic of Korea Relations for Peace in Northeast Asia

    Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Japan hosted a webinar on " Structural Changes in Japan-ROK Relations Amid U.S.-China Conflict and the...

    Posted on Marzo 3, 2022

  6. Vídeo: Alliance for Korea United Hosts Virtual Commemoration of March 1st Samil Independence Movement

    Global Peace Foundation and Alliance for Korea United—USA collaborated to host an online event commemorating the anniversary of the...

    Posted on Marzo 1, 2022

  7. Video: "Embracing Women's Soul Power for Peace"

    Dr. Soonok Kang, President, Global Peace Women, delivers a message for International Day of Peace at the Cross-Cultural Children Art Fest...

    Posted on Septiembre 20, 2021

  8. Vídeo: My Club in Mongolia Shares a Message of Peace

    "Let the light shine in everyone's hearts."  Are we violating the rights of others by asserting our own rights? This...

    Posted on Septiembre 20, 2021

  9. Video: Forging a New Frontier in Peacebuilding and Education

    Experts Examine Innovative Approaches at Two-day Virtual Forum Top audience demographic Thirty-one panelists and observers from 69...

    Posted on Abril 12, 2021

  10. Vídeo: State of Education and Peacebuilding

    Forging a New Frontier in Education and Peacebuilding Educational instruction and peacebuilding efforts have undergone transformational...

    Posted on Abril 6, 2021