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Korea: Noticias

The Global Peace Convention 2019 explored an urgent need for a broad and inclusive vision to bridge social and political divides to secure peace on the Korean peninsula and around the world on February 27, the second day of the convention
Publicado en 27/02/2019
Powerful women leaders from around the world and multiple sectors convened on the first day of the Global Peace Convention 2019 to address "Women's Leadership for a Unified Korea and Global Peace."
Publicado en 26/02/2019
The Global Peace Convention 2019 opened in Seoul, South Korea on February 26 with a Global Youth Forum and Women's Leadership Forum, highlighting the role of youth and women leaders in becoming active contributors to the peaceful reunifica
Publicado en 26/02/2019
Global youth convened in Seoul, Korea to deliberate on the issue of Korea's future.
Publicado en 26/02/2019
Global Peace Convention starts February 26!
Publicado en 25/02/2019