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Korea: Noticias

Faith leaders, scholars, and civil society members affirmed the central importance of faith and faith leaders in building social cohesion and peace at the Values-Based Peacebuilding sessions at the Global Peace Convention 2019 in Seoul on February 27.
Publicado en 07/03/2019
Global Peace Foundation is a leading partner in the One K Global Campaign, which strives to spread the message of "Korean Dream" to the rest of the world, with one means through K-Pop.
Publicado en 05/03/2019
The Transforming Education track in the Global Peace Convention gathered delegations from around the world to discuss the means of effective education. Many speakers touched on the fact that the inclusion of family and the surrounding community is essential for the student.
Publicado en 04/03/2019
The International Forum on One Korea During the Global Peace Convention 2019 drew scholars from around the world to Seoul to discuss peaceful reunification as a means of addressing the challenges and opportunities that lay in the way forward towards peace on the Korean peninsula.
Publicado en 04/03/2019