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Global Peace Convention 2014

November 18, 2014 - November 22, 2014: Greater Asunción, Paraguay, Paraguay
Global Peace Foundation - 2017 Global Peace Convention

An emerging democracy in the heart of South America, Paraguay is introducing transformational political and social reforms that reflect a renewed  commitment to the principles, values and traditions of Latin America’s diverse peoples.

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Event Details

Global Peace Convention 2014 Hosts World Leadersfrom 40 Nations in Asuncion, Paraguay

Paraguay’s President, Vice President Join 14 Former Heads of State at Global Assembly and Latin American Presidential Mission Summit

GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon and Global Peace Women ChairwomanDr. Joon
Suk Moon with former heads of state at the Global Peace Convention in Asuncion.
Pictured from left: Former President Gustavo Noboa (Ecuador), Rafael Calderon
(Costa Rica), Eduardo Duhalde (Argentina) and Vinicio Cerezo (Guatamala).

More than 3,300 government, civil society and faith leaders from 40 nations addressed peace and development priorities in Latin America and around the world at the Sixth Global Peace Convention in Asuncion on November 19-21, 2014.

The first Global Peace Convention hosted in Latin America, it was also the first to bring into focus the Global Peace Foundation’s comprehensive, values-based efforts to advance national renewal though grass-roots social development projects and political reform.

The three-day convening, “Roadmap for National Transformation: Liberty, Prosperity an Integrity through Moral and Innovative Leadership,” underscored the importance of  shared principles and values and their practical applications in advancing social cohesion and human development. 

Paraguayan President Horatio Cartes, Vice President Juan Afara, Speaker of the Parliament Hugo Velazquez and fourteen former Latin American presidents joined GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon at the historic opening session.




Second Summit of the Latin American Presidential Mission

The 2014 Global Peace Convention hosted the Second Summit of the Latin American Presidential Mission. The Presidential Mission emerged from efforts by the Global Peace Foundation, the Paraguay Institute for the Development of Thought, the Esquipulas Foundation, and the Uruguay Leadership Conference to engage former heads of state to work “beyond religious, political, social, and ethnic differences for the unity of Latin America as a continent of peace.”    

Featured Individuals

CEO, Shumuk Group of Companies, Uganda
Former President of the Republic of El Salvador
CEO, Bucalem Group