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Global Peace Convention 2017: Speakers

February 28, 2017 - March 03, 2017: Manila, Philippines

Featured Individuals

Founder and Chairman
Global Peace Foundation
Edwin Feulner, Korea Unification Forum
Heritage Foundation
Former President of Guatemala
UNESCO Peace Chair, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations
Manipal University, India
International President
Global Peace Foundation
Vice President, Global Citizenship Initiatives in IBM
Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship Award
Vice President
Education Division, Global Peace Foundation
Character Based Education Program, Global Peace Foundation Philippines
Regional Director
Department for Education, Region 3, The Philippines
Project Manager
Co-operation Ireland
National Co-Chairman and Executive Director
Coalition for American Renewal
Global Peace Foundation-USA
Chairman of the Executive Board
Nahdlatul Ulama
Former President of Zanzibar
Interfaith Partnerships, Global Peace Foundation
Former President of Panama
Kartikeya Sharma Chairman and MD, ITV Network, Global Peace Economic Forum, Seoul 2015
Chairman and MD
ITV Network
Global Peace Foundation Indonesia
Regional President
Global Peace Foundation Asia Pacific
Leonard Faustino GPY Philippines
Global Peace Youth Philippines
Executive Director, Esquipulas Foundation
Social Affairs Officer
Social Development Division, United Nations ESCAP
International Vice President
Strategic Partnerships, Global Peace Foundation