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Unified Korea: Insights from the Ireland Experience

November 27, 2018: Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

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Global Peace Foundation, Co-operation Ireland, Glencree and Action for Korea United invite you to a discussion on the Unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Unified Korea provides a framework through which Korean citizens and policymakers can fully factor the long history and traditions of the one Korean people as expressed by the time honored ideal of hongik ingan - to live and work for the benefit of all mankind.

The forum will draw upon the Ireland experience including historical insights, interesting parallels, peace building approaches that work, perspectives on identity, human rights, self-determination (unification), common history, centenaries and celebrations, shared values, contribution of community and voluntary groups (social change), and collaborative practices.

The International Forum is part of the One Korea Global Campaign which is a growing popular movement to build international support and expand Korean-led grassroots initiatives to advance the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

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