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Webinar: Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills for a Globalized World

April 13, 2016

The webinar focused on the following pressing questions:

How well are US education systems/global education systems providing our youth with relevant education that makes them competitive? How well are they developing the needed 21st Century competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, global awareness and character building as necessary elements required to ensure that learners are equipped for the modern workforce and life after graduation?

What strategies are education leaders and school systems employing to provide our students with the 21st Century skills and competencies they will need to be successful in a rapidly globalizing world? What alternative education models are emerging that can inform the way forward? What considerations should be taken into account in creating great schools: Culture, building strong character, engagement, community needs, professional development, interdisciplinary learning, solving real world problems? What kind of public, private, social partnerships are necessary to transform education that impacts employment, nation building and social development?





Tony Devine Ed.D, Vice President, Education, Global Peace Foundation

Tony Devine

Tony has more then 30 years of leadership experience with Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO’s). He is the founder of the Character and Creativity Initiative that transforms public high schools by exposing faculty and students to an experiential learning environment that builds 21st Century Leadership Skills that prepares youth for the modern workplace and world. This initiative is being developed in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines. He advises governments to pursue necessary public, private, social partnerships around a common vision in making education relevant in our modern fast changing interconnected world. He is the founder of Leap Hubs which are converted spaces in schools whereby students with the leadership, drive and entrepreneurial spirit are stimulated to develop ideas to solve problems through the creation of businesses and social enterprises currently being piloted in Kenya. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences in more that 25 countries.


Joseph Carvin, CEO, One World United and Virtuous

Joseph Carvin

Joe is the founder of One World United and Virtuous an organization committed to improving human understanding and cooperation.   The primary vehicle is One World Youth Clubs which serve 500 students in 25 schools in 6 different countries.   The goal of One World Youth Clubs is create a global learning network of leaders of character, knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better.

Prior to founding One World Joe worked in emerging market finance for 30 years with a focus on South America.   In addition to his background in finance, Joe recently completed 8 years as Town Supervisor of the Town of Rye.   



Ted Howard, Principal, Garfield High School, Seattle WA

Mr. Howard is the Principal of Garfield High School that draws students from all over the city. It is one of two options for the district's Accelerated Progress Program for highly gifted students. Mr. Howard is a graduate of the school and has served as Principal for over a decade. He has lead numerous innovative efforts that has raised the profile of the school over the years. The school is featured in the new film “Beyond Measure” that offers a positive picture of what’s possible in American education when communities decide they are ready for change.



Dave Keller Ph.D, Director of Strategic Initiatives, 

Dave Keller

Dr. Dave Keller is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the (formerly Character Education Partnership), a non-profit organization in Washington DC working to enhance ethical instruction in America’s classrooms.  He oversees the international Promising Practices in Character Education program and professional development activities. He is also a member of the National Schools of Character selection committee.






SPONSORS:, Global Peace Foundation and One World Youth

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