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Global Peace Awards

The Global Peace Awards honor government, civil society and faith leaders whose exemplary efforts have significantly improved the lives of others. Global Peace Awards underscore the importance of moral and innovative leadership, an ethic of public service, and a willingness to transcend boundaries of religion, ethnicity, culture and nationality in advancing the ideal of One Family under God.  

Challenging conditions that limit human potential and social development, award winners demonstrate lives of integrity and a sustained commitment to realizing a world of peace.



Interfaith Leadership

The Interfaith Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding leadership advancing interfaith collaboration, humanitarian service, and peace through the vision of One Family under God.

2014  Dr. KH. Said Aqiel Siradj, Executive Council Chairman of Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama

 Nahdlatul Ulama, or ‘Awakening of Scholars,’ is the largest Muslim organization in the world and one of Indonesia's leading social service providers. Dr. Siradj previously served on Indonesia’s National Commission for Human Rights and was the founder of the Said Aqil Centre in Egypt, a study center that focuses on developing Islamic discourse, particularly in the Arab world. Dr. Marsudi Syuhud, General Secretary of Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama, and his wife recieved the award on behalf of Dr. Said.

2013  Bishop Dr. Sunday N. Onuoha, Executive Director of the Nigeria Inter-Faith Action Association 

The Nigeria Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA) unites Christian and Muslim leaders in a multi-sector efforts to engage religious communities in the fight against poverty and disease.  A key faith-based partner of the Nigerian government's National Malaria Control Programme, NIFAA is training some 300,000 religious leaders through its “Faiths United for Health" campaign to spearhead the distribution of anti-malarial bed nets throughout the country. 

2012 Dr. Bishop Manoel Ferreira, Head Pastor of the National Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil

Bishop Ferreira has established and coordinated dozens of Evangelical communities and social institutions in Brazil which provide medical, educational, and social support for recovering addicts, the elderly, and street children.  Bishop Ferreira was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his leadership  inadvancing interfaith collaboration, humanitarian service, and peace through the decades of pastoral work. 


2011  Venerable Bubta, Chairman of One Korea Buddhist Movement and Founder of the Korea Peace Unification Buddhism Association (KPUBA)

Buddhist monk Bubta, through his many business ventures, relief projects, and cultural exchanges has advanced the foundation for the unification on the Korean peninsula. Since his first visit to North Korea in 1989, Bubta has visited the North some 40 times. In 1997, he built a Gumgang noodle factory in North Korea, and has also provided flour, clothes, cooking oil, and bicycles for North Korean people.

Leadership in Strengthening Families

The Leadership in Strengthening Families Award is presented to an individual for sustained efforts to advance the welfare of the family as the primary social institution and for supporting responsible parenting, strong marriages, and a healthy and nurturing environment for children.

2014  Dr. Isabelita M. Borres is the Regional III Director of the Department of Education, Division of Bataan, Republic of the Philippines

In her 30-year career as an educator, Dr. Borres has worked as a high school teacher,  researcher, English Department Chair, Dean of Student Affairs, and Schools Division Superintendent. Dr. Borres has been a pioneer in character education, equipping teachers and students with high ethical standards in schools in collaboration with GPF Philippines. She has been a delegate and presenter at education conferences throughout Southeast Asia. Dr. Borres has won numerous awards as an educator and civic leader.

2013  Professor Leah T. Marangu, Vice Chancellor of Africa Nazarene University 

Professor Marangu has been Founding Chair of the Kenya National Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) for the past two years. She has provided exemplary leadership and expertise on CCI's program implementation. Professor Marangu is the first woman in East Africa to be named a full professor and the first Kenyan woman to serve at the helm of a university and in the course of her teaching career. She has built a wealth of research expertise on women's health and the the role of women in food production, and has been a strong advocate for science education for girls.   

2012  Dr. Jeffery M. Johnson, President and CEO of the National Partnership for Community Leadership

Dr. Johnson has played in integral role in the planning and implementation of two of the nation’s largest social welfare research projects involving low-income men. Since 1997, Dr. Johnson and NPCL have convened an annual international fatherhoods conference that attracts thousands of community-based and family practitioners from around the world. Under Dr. Johnson’s leadership NPCL managed the National Youth Development Practitioners Institute on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, Ford Foundation, and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

2011  Hon. Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha Ismail, Vice President of MUBARAK, President of Malaysian Council for Child Welfare

Hon. Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail has been a tireless advocate for the welfare of women and children through years of service in government and nongovernmental social service. She was previously Chair of the National Population and Family Development Board, a member of Parliament, President of ASEAN Confederation of Women's Organizations, and President of National Council of Women's Organizations.  She is currently the Chairman of Global Peace Festival  Malaysia.

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is conferred on an individual whose efforts have resulted in sustainable progress in areas of health care, poverty reduction, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, education and other areas of social impact.

2014  Hon. Marlene Ocampos, Governor of Alto Paraguay State in Paraguay

Gov. Ocampos worked for nearly 20 years delivering health care and other emergency assistance to remote communities in the Chaco region during a succession of often unstable state administrations. In recent years she has led model service and community development initiatives for GPF in Puerto Casado. The only woman elected to a governorship in Paraguay, Gov. Ocampos continues to serve the inhabitants of Alto Paraguay. 

2013  His Eminence Cardinal Guadencio Borbon Rosales, the Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Manila 

His Eminence Cardinal Rosales is the founder of Pondo ng Pinoy, a poverty alleviation program that can be considered as his legacy to the Church and the poor in the Philippines. A Patron of the Alllights Village Philippines project, Cardinal Rosales  expressed the hope that millions of Philippines in isolated areas are able to gain access to solar energy and electricity. 

2012  Tri Mumpuni, Founder and Executive Director of People Centered Business and Economic Institute

Tri Puni and her Institute implemented numerous projects to provide more than 50 villages in remote parts of Indonesia with access to electrical power.  In recognition of her efforts to improve livelihoods of rural communities,  2007, GlobeAsia magazine named her as one of the 99 Most Powerful Women in Asia for her efforts to promote community-based hydro electrification.

2011  Mr. Goris Mustaqim, Director of PT Barapraja Indonesia and Founder of Asgar Muda Foundation

After graduating from the Bandung Institute of Technology,  Goris Mustaqim founded the Asgar Muda Foundation in 2007 to develop business opportunities for youth in the region. Through his efforts to promote environmentally sustainable industry, agriculture, and tourism, Goris was named by Bloomberg Business Week as one of Asia’s best young entrepreneurs in 2009.

Good Governance Award

The Good Governance Award recognizes an outstanding political leader who exemplifies public service, governs in the public interest, and advances human welfare through executive or legislative initiatives and leadership.

2014  Hon. Marlene Ocampos, Governor of Alto Paraguay State in Paraguay

Gov. Ocampos worked for nearly 20 years delivering health care and other emergency assistance to remote communities in the Chaco region during a succession of often unstable state administrations. In recent years she has led model service and community development initiatives for GPF among the largely indigenous inhabitants of Alto Paraguay. The only woman elected to a governorship in Paraguay, Gov. Ocampos continues to serve the citizens of her state. 

2013  Hon. Lilian Samaniego,  National Senator, Republic of Paraguay

Senator Samaneigo earned her Doctorate in Biochemistry from the National University of Asuncion. She joined the Colorado Party in 1982, the largest political party in Paraguay, and is currently the party's president as well as president of the Central Commission of Women of the Colorado Party.  Senator Samaniego is credited with reinvigorating and rebuilding the party based on a platform of transparency and good governance. Senator Samaniego  is now serving her third terms as senator, for the period 2013-2018.

2012  Hon. Marco Vinicio Cerezo, Former President of Guatemala and President of the Esquipulas Foundation

President Cerezo was elected as the first civilian President of Guatemala following 15 years of military rule. Following his presidency he gathered Central American leaders at Esquipulas on the Guatemalan-Honduran border to discuss the military conflicts being waged throughout the region. The leaders eventually produced the Esquipulas Peace Agreement, which defined a regional framework for economic cooperation, conflict resolution, and democratization.

2011  Hon. Nelson Marquezelli, Senator, Brazil's National Congress and Attorney General of the Chamber of Deputies

Senator Marquezelli is a leading parliamentarian who has shown singular dedication to the public interest in his long career in government. Senator Marquezelli was recognized for his leadership in congressional committees overseeing areas of the environment, public safety, economic development, and agrarian conflict. A farmer and businessman, Hon. Marquezelli was the official Brazilian representative  in business and trade negotiations in the U.S., Spain, France, England, Italy and Portugal.

Innovative Scholarship for Peace

The Innovative Scholarship for Peace Award recognizes an individual whose advocacy for peace at a research institution or in academia has led to policy initiatives that have advanced social reconciliation and human development.

2014  Dr. Mwangi S. Kimenyi, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Dr.Kimenyi is Director of the Africa Growth Initiative in the Global Economy and Development program of The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. He is the Founding Executive Director of the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, ranked as the top policy institution in Africa. He is also a Research Associate on African Economies at Oxford University in the UK. His research focuses on Africa’s political economy, and policies for economic growth and poverty reduction. In 1994, Dr. Kimenyi was named by the Policy Review among the top ten young market economists in the United States.

2013  Dr. Oscar Alvarez Araya, President of Asociacion Nacional de Fomento Economico of Costa Rica

Dr. Oscar Alvarez Araya, former Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Republic of China, is coordinator of the Latin American Network of the World Movement for Democracy since 2008. He is a Professor of Latin America's International Policies at the Manuel Maria de Peralta Foreign Affairs Institute at the University of Costa Rica, and a Professor at the Faculty of International Relations of the National University since 2006.  Dr. Alvarez was a consultant for the Culture of Peace and Democracy Program of the University for Peace of the United Nations. 

2012  Dr. Tae-Hwan Kwak, Chair-Professor at Kyungnam University, Korea

Dr. Tae-Hwan Kwak is a specialist on Northeast Asian affairs, inter-Korean relations and Korean peace and unification issues. He taught international relations and East Asian politics over thirty years in 1969-1999 at Eastern Kentucky University and Korean universities. Dr. Kwak is editor and co-editor of 30 books, including Peace Regime Building on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian Security Cooperation.  He is former President of the Korea Institute for National Unification, and former Director of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University.

2011  Professor Jin Shin, Chungnam National University, Korea

Dr. Jin Shin is President of the Institute for Peace Affairs  and Chair of the Department of Political Science & Diplomacy, and the Director of the National Strategy Institute at Chungnam National University. He is a distinguished academician who has dedicated over 20 years as a researcher and educator on issues relating to the peaceful unification of North and South Korea. The Korean Ministry of Unification asked the Institute for Peace Affairs to organize a reunification education training program for teachers throughout Korea.

Other Global Peace Awards

The Global Peace Foundation recognizes men and women who have committed their lives for peace and human welfare in other fields.



2013  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Malaysia

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was recognized with the 2013 Promoting a Culture of Peace Award. The Prime Minister was recognized for his efforts in building cross-cultural relationships, for pioneering the Global Movement of Moderates and for his role in resolving the Bangsamoro conflict between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. 


2012  Dr. Manilal Chandaria OBE, EBS,  Chairman and CEO of Comcraft Group, and Mrs. Aruna Chandaria

Dr. and Mrs. Chandaria were recognized with the 2012 Exemplary and Innovative Philanthropy Award. Dr. Chandaria is Founding Chairman of the East African Business Council and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. In 2003, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II conferred an Order of the British Empire in recognition of his promotion of Kenyan economic interests. Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki distinguished him with the honor of Elder of the Burning Spear EBS in 2003 in recognition of outstanding service to the nation. 

Mrs. Aruna Chandaria has provided distinguished humanitarian service for street children and through the empowerment of women and youth in Kenya and worldwide. In addition to social work with the Red Cross and Indian Women’s Association, she has welcomed presidents, ambassadors, religious leaders, cabinet ministers, business people, social workers and orphans and street children to her home with warmth and hospitality. Aruna, with husband, has helped lead a global “joint family enterprise” on several continents combining  entrepreneurship initiatives with humanitarian service and social responsibility.

2011  Hon. Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov, Former President,  Republic of Kaimykia 

Recognized with the 2011 Culture Award, President Kirsan is known for his support of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist places of worship in Kalmykia, and for his environmental conservation work. As President of the World Chess Federation, President Kirsan has committed to building cross-cultural bridges through worldwide chess competitions.