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Global Peace Development - Where We Work

Global Peace Development (GPD) is currently working to establish development models in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Experience has shown that when given clear explanations of the process, access to information and appropriate capacity and support, impoverished communities can effectively organize to identify priorities and address local problems by working in partnership with local governments and other supportive institutions.

GPD promotes an equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future from the bottom up. Local self-reliance does not necessarily mean self-sufficiency but a self-reliant community is self-governing and capable of identifying and developing the resources that are necessary for its prosperity. 


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Flag

GPD Dominican Republic focuses on El Cidral, a rural community comprised of five villages. GPD began working in this community in October 2014. To date 96 households have received solar lights, each of the villages received a street lamp and Cidral School received a solar generator. 



Kenya flag

GPD Kenya focuses its work in Kenya in two model sites namely Kibera and Kikuyu. Kibera is largely an urban ward with about 8327 households. The project in Kibera is located at Anyany Primary School. In Kibera about 100 hand solar lanterns have been distributed. A total of 28 street lamps have been erected and 2 greenhouses constructed. A poultry project is also being implemented in this community. 


The Philippines

The Philippines flag

GPD Philippines focuses on the two vulnerable communities: Cabiao (Llanera town) and Nambabacalan (Rizal town) in Nueva Ecija province. Cabiao has 522 households and only 86 families have so far received solar lanterns while Nambabacalan community has 352 households in which 56 families were given lanterns.