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by Naomi MacMurdie
Published on 20/10/2022
On May 19-20, 2022, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia collaborated with Fuji Suiso to distribute donations for elementary school children in Jakarta.Yayasan Makam Habib Ali bin Ahmad bin Zein Al Aidid Panggang Island
Published on 09/06/2022
The Global Peace Youth Indonesia (GPYI) Summit 2022 was held February 10-11 under the theme “The Role of Youth in Caring for Diversity to Rebuild Indonesia in the Post Pandemic Era.” Nearly 400 youth participated in the two-day online forum featuring four panels covering topics ranging from the s
Published on 28/04/2022
Sowan Rumah Ibadah (Worship Place’s Visit) is an interactive program initiated by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia.
Published on 12/03/2022
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia engaged twenty youth f
Published on 31/01/2022