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Global Peace Women: What We Do

GPW's activities are organized along three focus areas: strengthening families, uplifting the unique qualities of women and their contributions to the family, and promoting women's leadership in positive social transformation. GPW thus promotes, through workshops, networking forums, and advocacy, the value of women and recognizes their indispensable roles in the family. 


Strengthening families 

GPW supports the extended family model through education that cultivates intergenerational harmony, teaches conflict resolution for healthier familial relationships, and instills ethics and virtues within the family.

Sample projects: Family parenting program in Korea, Family Values workshops in Japan 


Uplifting the value of femininity and women's contributions to the family

Women have distinct physiological and intuitive qualities that are different but complementary to men's. These aspects of femininity are an important social asset that should be cherished and respected.

Sample projects: Forum for stay-at-home mothers in Mongolia and Nepal, Healthy Marriage workshops in Japan 


Women's leadership in positive social transformation 

Healthy and happy families become the heart of healthy societies as a foundation for all relationships. Through service projects, advocacy initiatives, and networking forum, GPW helps women to lead their families in giving back to the community and solving shared problems.

Sample projects: Global Women Leadership Conferences around the world, Living for the Sake of Others Award in Paraguay, Clean Cookstoves project in Nepal and Uganda 


(Left to Right)
GPW Mongolia: Service project in hospital
GPW Uganda: Clean Cookstoves Project
GPW Nepal: Sharing our Love and Support for Nepal's Women and Children 


(Top to Bottom)
GPW Japan: Forum discussing family values
GPW Kenya: Capacity workshop