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While the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula will mainly fall to the Korean people, surrounding countries will play a critical role in supporting unification and peace in the region.
Published on 08/09/2022
The following article is by My Eyes Tokyo, which collaborates with Global Peace Foundation Japan on
Published on 15/07/2022
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Japan hosted a webinar on "Structural Changes in Japan-ROK Relations Amid U.S.-China Conflict and the Nuclear and Missile Crisis form North Korea: From Asymmetric Complementary Relations to Symmetrical Competitive Relations,” in August 2021 featuring Profess
Published on 03/03/2022
GPF Japan, Action for Korea United Japan support revitalization project and future memorial.
Published on 28/01/2022
“I would like to pass down one type of philosophy: the Japan-South Korea Model for Reconciliation, Prosperity and Peace,” said Dr.
Published on 23/09/2021