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CLASP Project Brings Moral Leadership Opportunities to Inmates in the Philippines

Women inmates participate in CLASP project

By Emiko Perea

More than a thousand women in a Philippines’ correctional facility participated in a project to generate income for their families through the Correctional Learning and Support Program (CLASP) implemented by the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) in partnership with the Inner Wheel Circle. Initiated on September 29, 2017, the project is helping women inmates generate income by obtaining call center training and employment inside the correctional complex.

The unique opportunity was approved by the Philippines the Bureau of Correctional to help women develop a positive worldview, develop character and help provide a much needed income for their families outside the correctional facility.

Women had the opportunity to learn about the international campaign, "Peace Begins in the Home,” a message which inspired positive work ethic and highlighted each person’s value in creating peace within their own families as a building block of a peaceful society.  

CLASP partner, Inner Wheel Circle, sponsored the renovation of two halls within the correctional facility, training and equipment for the call center, and donated computers for the program.

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