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GPF Nepal’s ‘Project Community Service’ Provides Relief during Covid Second Lockdown and amid Massive Floods

by Emiko Perea

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world economy and led to sudden lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. However, this also stopped workers from providing for their families in many countries. 

Volunteers deliver food rations to families left
hungry due to the pandemic lockdown.

In April 2021, Nepal was once again called to lockdown due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country. As a result, families went hungry without sources of aid, even one month into the new lockdown.

Global Peace Foundation Nepal took the initiative through Project Samudayik Sewa (Community Service) to provide food packages for daily wage workers and their families. The project sought to inspire families to support each other by providing them with hope and acts of kindness during this difficult time.

“I used to work in a hotel. As the hotel is closed, it has been difficult for me to live,” explained Lalita, who received food rations from the project. “My husband has passed away. As I am a single mother, I am being dominated by others, and nobody is willing to help and even provide any loan to us. So, my son and I used to sleep without having anything sometimes. After getting your support, I hope I don’t have to worry for a month to survive. Thank you so much for your support.” 

Project Samudayik Sewa has served a total of 682 families of daily workers and people with disabilities in 35 communities.  Volunteers also distributed  30 hygiene kits to students and parents, and food relief to three institutions.

Volunteer power

“Every individual has the power to make a difference, even if it’s a small difference,” said Muna Khdgi, a Global Peacebuilder member who with her family distributed food packages to 14 families in her neighborhood.

“I’m very glad and happy that I volunteered and realized how much support and help they needed,” Muna said. “Thank you, Global Peace Foundation, for allowing us to assist these deserving families. My family and I are grateful to observe the joy of the families who were struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic receiving the food rations. Every recipient expresses their thanks for the help.” 

Shreeya Shakya, another member of the Global Peacebuilders, shared a similar positive experience after she served families in Balku with her family: “No amount is too little, no amount is enough right now. It is all about being safe, doing what is responsible and what is right.”

Volunteers supplied stoves, hygiene supplies and food relief to
flood victims through Project Samudayik Sewa.

 In mid-June, massive floods devastated Melamchi and Helambu. GPF volunteers used the Project Samudayik Sewa to provide relief to the flood victims. In collaboration with Youth Advocacy Nepal and Gairi Gau Mahila Jagriti Aama Samuha, volunteers distributed 100 stoves to families affected by the flood. 

As of June 29, volunteers served a total of 682 families in 35 communities. Furthermore, the project distributed thirty hygiene kits to students and parents, and food relief to three institutions.

Project Samudayik Sewa could not have happened without the support of the 25 families that volunteered and each person who donated toward the cause. 

To donate to the project, visit the Global Peace Foundation Support page and select “Nepal Covid Relief” in the Select Fund dropdown menu.