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Safe Water Safe Bottle Project Boosts Health, Environment and Education Initiatives in Cambodia

By Naomi Yakawich

Education at the primary level is considered to be one of the most crucial components of every student’s academic journey. Here, children develop the foundation to build impactful human resources and their potential as future leaders. However, education alone is not enough to raise great leaders. The overall physical and emotional well-being of youth plays a major role in assuring that their future will be prosperous.

CEO of Fuji Suiso, Mr. Kawabata delivers Safe Water bottles to students
Sponsor of Safe Water Safe Bottle delivers donations to Cambodian

This is why, in addition to the Basic English Language Instruction (BELI) Project and Environmental Education Project, Global Peace Alliance - Cambodia and Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Cambodia initiated a new project called Safe Water Safe Bottle with the purpose to create access to safe drinking water at primary schools in Cambodia and provide every student with a reusable water bottle made of aluminum. 

Sponsored by Mr. Hideo Kawabata, the CEO of Fuji Suiso Kanhsa Company, the Safe Water Safe Bottle Project was launched on November 23, 2017 at Kdey Takoy Primary School. Not only has this project helped more than 500 students at the school to live a healthier life through safe drinking water, but it has also encouraged them to reduce their plastic waste through the reusable water bottle provided to them, boosting the environmental gain the project aims to achieve.

Bottles wait to be distributed at the Safe Water Safe Bottle ceremony

The project also lessens the financial burden of the students’ families because the children no longer have to purchase plastic-bottled water.

Mr. Kawabata sponsored 650 lunches to all the participants and donated more than 600 hydrogen sticks which can be used with the reusable water bottles to extend the quality of the water even further to improve the student’s health.  

Students and volunteers welcomed executives of GPF, Global Peace Alliance and Mr. Kawabata with a performance of traditional Cambodian dances. Selected second graders from Kdey Takoy Primary School also sang an educational song about “Staying Hygienic.”

Elementary students perform educational Cambodian songs

During his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Kawabata conveyed his intention to continuously support future potential projects in Cambodia to help children live a healthier life so that they can be active leaders of their communities in the future. 

The Ministry of Environment together with the Phnom Penh Capital Department of Environment also expressed their support and recognize future environmental projects of Global Peace Alliance - Cambodia and Global Peace Foundation.

The event was attended by local stakeholders, including Mr. Om Sary, the District Director of the Education Department, Chbar Ampov District; Mr. Khem Bora, the Director of Waste Management Department, Phnom Penh Capital Department of Environment; and Mr. Ros Bandos and Mr. Nget Sina, Representatives from the Ministry of Environment, the school principals from other primary schools partnering with Global Peace Alliance - Cambodia and GPF Cambodia. Other ceremony attendees included Mr. Aya Goto, Senior Vice-President, Global Peace Foundation International; CEO Hideo Kawabata, Fuji Suiso;  Dato Sri Foo Kok Leang, International Vice President, United World Chinese Association; Dr. Yasushi Miura, President of Miura Dental Clinic, and other representatives from the United World Chinese Association. 

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