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Brazil: News

 In the midst of 2014 World Cup frenzy, Global Exchange–Community Change in Goiânia, Brazil, hosted its fourth group of international students in partnership with international student exchange program AIESEC.
Published on 14/07/2014
By the next harvest season, the students at Joaquim Camara Filho School can look forward to fresh, crispy veggies from the garden in their courtyard.  The 
Published on 23/04/2014
"He [Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.] reminded us that we are at a very critical place in the world. That we must have a radical...revolution of values. We must rapidly become a person centered society, rather than a thing oriented society." - Rev.
Published on 16/01/2014
Brazil has officially launched the Character and Creativity Initative.  The government as well as the community are taking great pride in this program's launch and hopeful for the possibilities that the programs brings. 
Published on 04/09/2013
The 2012 Global Peace Convention will host former Presidents of Latin America in a groundbreaking collaborative dialogue on regional cooperation, sustainable development, North-South relations, and transparency and democratic governance.Pre-Convention Assembly - Carter Presiden
Published on 05/11/2012
The Global Peace Youth Corps, a youth service and leadership training project of GPFF, hosted ac
Published on 09/11/2011