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Nepal: News

By Naomi MacMurdie
Published on 25/07/2022
By Naomi MacMurdie
Published on 11/05/2022
GPW and GPF Nepal have jointly started a local initiative to empower local women with income-generating skills such as making candies of ‘Lapsi’ - a native fruit of Nepal. Made of a much-loved fruit of the Nepalese people, Lapsi candy-making holds much potential for Nepalese women.
Published on 07/04/2022
Two participants of the seven-month peacebuilding practicum
Published on 02/02/2022
By Emiko PereaGlobal Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal addressed approaches to solid waste management to help the environment and concerns with the spread of COVID-19 a during online forums in August.
Published on 07/12/2021
Youth play an important role in peacebuilding and it is imperative to raise them to become Moral and Innovative Leaders for sustainable peace. Watch the videos below as the Nepali youth share perspectives on fostering peace
Published on 20/09/2021
by Emiko PereaLast year, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world economy and led to sudden lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. However, this also stopped workers from providing for their families in many countries. 
Published on 18/07/2021
 The Project's goal is to reach $10 thousand to provide two-week food rations for at-risk Bambie Panta
Published on 02/06/2021